Five Star Butter Co.

Welcome to the exclusive source of the Best Butter on Earth & of the best gourmet unwrapped butter pieces in America. PC Butter never tasted so good!

Since 1999, Five Star Butter Co. has provided its Best Butter On Earth to the top restaurants

and most respected gourmet chefs in America.

Our Best Butter On Earth is the secret weapon of America's Super Chefs, and has been the house butter of Iron Chef America.

Thanks to our distribution relationship with SYSCO, chefs all across America can now get access to the same outstanding gourmet butter served by gastronomic icons such as Jean-GeorgesBobbyCharlieJulian, Gordon, etc.

"The company has the guts to call it the Best Butter on Earth, and at 83% butterfat, it is deeply creamy, almost more like cheese than butter."

 - TIME Magazine

“The best product I have tasted in this country.” 

- Martin Kipping, Director of Food & Beverage 

Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas

The Only Certified Organic Portion Control Butter in The World!


Five Star Butter Co. Gourmet Portion Control Butter 


Our food service portion control butter pieces are made with Certified Organic fully sustainable grassfed Northern California amazingly delicious butter that tastes the way you dream about butter tasting -- an uncompromising product.  How could you possibly justify serving anything inferior to your guests when the difference in price is mere pennies?

Our latest Super-chef client using Item 3601T Foodservice Tubes.

Coming Soon: The first Shelf-Stable Portion Control Butter on Earth